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Braingo is an audio visual maths training application that ensures ks1 and ks2 students remain attentive in class. It is an efficient online maths games training resource that is enjoyable and easy to implement. Interested persons can apply for the service by visiting Registration is seamless and can be done in a few minutes. Teachers and students can enjoy a free trial for thirty days. The trial gives users access to the full online maths games platform. It also permits them to create and play maths games as part of their classroom lessons.

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For teachers of ks1 and ks2 students, maths is a core subject taught on daily basis. For this reason, it is important to teach maths in different ways. One of the best ways to teach the students is by using Braingo. It is an audio visual maths teaching resource that keeps the students interested in class. The system is fun and easy to implement in a classroom maths timetable. It offers the learners a distinctive way to learn and play.

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Save time and play Braingo Braingo has proven to be an invaluable learning tool for teachers so far. With these maths games, learners have an incredibly fun time learning math while the teachers save time.

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Braingo - The Way Forward for Effective and Interative Maths Teaching Braingo is a wonderful online tool for educational professionals to deliver engaging and inspiring maths lessons, by developing and manipulating the classic game of bingo. This website allows the user to create mental/oral starters that tests children's knowledge and can be revisited at any time during a lesson. The content of the actual game can be anything from angles to trigonometry; essentially, it can be tailored to the needs of a teacher's class.

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For teachers who teach at ks1 and ks2 levels, the core subject of maths is usually taught on a daily basis. However, in order to keep the children interested in maths, and for them to get the best learning experience possible, it is important that maths is taught in as many different ways and mediums as possible.

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Learning Maths doesn't have to be dreadful. In fact, with online maths games like those at, getting down to doing maths can be something that kids eagerly look forward to. The maths games available are a useful tool that in addition to helping children learn, will capture and maintain their attention throughout a learning session.To customize things further, teachers can also create their own games at to match that day's lesson.

Modern Day Maths in The Classroom


Getting students interested and keeping them engaged with Maths has never been the easiest of tasks. Regardless of whether you are trying to teach KS1 or KS2, it can always be a struggle to get students fully involved and maintain their concentration throughout a lesson. Thankfully, there may now be a solution to this problem due to the ingenious idea of Braingo and their online maths games.

The Future of Maths Games at KS1 and KS2


These days, discussing the education of children increasingly means addressing the technological advancements that are transforming schools and revolutionising homework. Classrooms have digital whiteboards, tablet computers and access to internet-based activities from online maths games to live video-conferencing with astronauts. It is generally accepted that the introduction of these resources has facilitated effective teaching to pupils with a broader range of learning styles than ever before.

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The online maths games by is a smart way to stimulate the often distracted minds of students. Historically, just the thought of a maths lesson has filled most students with dread. And for the teacher, can prove to be a monotonous daily challenge of inventing ways to engage their pupils in learning; to make the subject more interesting and exciting. These maths games, best suited to KS1 and KS2 pupils, could provide the perfect solution to a mundane lesson. Both teacher and student can connect in a playful manner while staying on topic and still be learning at the same time.

Braingo online maths games for ks1 and ks2


Bingo-style games are ideal for the primary classroom at key stage 1 and key stage 2. Teachers find online maths games delivered using a bingo game format hold pupils’ attention and create an effective learning activity for pupils of all abilities. There is plenty of scope for using maths games to teach key numeracy concepts at ks1 and ks2, such as number bonds, units of measurement and the 24 hour clock, to name just a few. Kids naturally love playing games and Braingo builds on this enthusiasm, so that pupils are having so much fun that they don’t know they are learning.

Fun Maths Game to Play in Classrooms


Whether you are a teacher or parent, it is easy for your kid or student to enjoy maths in class. No more sighing or grade ‘Fs’ at the end of every quiz; kids can now have fun learning with online maths games. Not only do they enjoy the games, they learn fast and get a lot more advantages.

Using Modern Technology to Teach Maths


Math is hard right? Not at all, you can train your kids to love the subject by introducing them to math games. They are quite interactive and explain some of the toughest concepts students have a hard time understanding in class. Is your kid flopping at arithmetic? It’s about time you introduce them to online math games.

Why Gamification is growing


We all love gaming right? Check out our infographic about how gaming is growing.

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Braingo is an exciting online platform that is as educational as it is fun. Ensuring that all children achieve in numeracy is vital in ks1 and ks2. Braingo can provide valuable lesson resources to help teachers explain specific mathematical concepts as well as engage learners in the classroom.

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Are you learning maths? Do you want to play engaging maths games online? Braingo offers an interesting, challenging maths game suitable for both ks2 and ks3 students, allowing you to learn in a more interesting way.

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Most parents always say 'if only my kids could just master maths'. Getting kids to love maths is always a challenge with most parents, and it is one subject in school which always requires a lot of brain power to master. The reality is that being competent in maths is important if you want to cope in the 21st century. KS1 and KS2 maths may not be exciting enough for kids. A child's teacher, the parents and the resources available all play an important role in this age groups attitude to maths. Online maths games like Braingo makes learning maths easy and interesting because for starters it provides one-on-one academic tutoring for children.

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If you are a teacher then you will know how important it is to find different ways of engaging with the children in your class, so that they learn to the best of their abilities.

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Braingo - What is it? Braingo is a wonderfully innovative website that allows classroom practitioners to adopt the traditional game of bingo and turn it into a powerful learning tool to use in any lesson.

Cool Maths Games in KS1 and KS2


Livening up Maths in UK Primary School Maths can often be a subject that some children see as an impossible mountain to climb, an unreachable goal and unachievable task. However, numeracy within KS1 and KS2 settings can be as enjoyable as any other core or foundation subject; it depends how the mathematical topic is dressed, delivered and executed. Children become interested when they are engaged and involved in their learning; therefore, making maths fun and challenging is a pathway in, a hallowed ground where children are the thinkers and doers.

Fun educational maths games to play in school


Playing educational games in class is a great way to consolidate learning. Braingo allows ks1 and ks2 teachers to create subject-specific games using a tried-and-tested bingo format which is simple and fun to play, but still has real educational value. Teachers will find that by incorporating Braingo into their lesson planning maths lessons can become more interactive and engaging for their pupils. Feedback from both teachers and pupils has been positive about Braingo’s capacity to make learning exciting.

How Braingo can increase math class attainment levels


Braingo is a fun and interactive classroom resource which can increase mathematical attainment across school. Based on the game 'bingo', Braingo allows you to create and store fun maths games for ks1 and ks2 students, in an instant.

Using Braingo Can Save Teachers Time


Using Braingo can save teachers time in several ways. Educators right around the world have a stressful job. They are required to make lesson plans, mark papers, plan field trips to areas of interest, provide counseling for students and so much more. Many leave work late and go home to continue planning for the next day.

Braingo in the Classroom


Braingo is a set of educational maths games that can be used in the classroom which are based on the new National Curriculum in England. Fun maths games are an excellent way for children to learn in a non threatening environment. The maths games in KS1 can be used to develop arithmetic and work on their initial tables learning. Braingo maths games in KS1 will help the children when they are first learning their tables. Based on bingo the younger children will absolutely love the challenge of being the first to complete the task. Braingo will help them with their simple adding and subtraction, moving into their initial times tables. What better way for the younger children to learn.

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Braingo is a unique audio-visual learning resource that incorporates Bingo into the learning experience, giving children a chance to learn and play. Based on the ever-popular game of Bingo, Braingo was a result of research by a joint force of teachers and developers. Research on new and interactive ways for students to learn within classroom environments led to this incredible breakthrough. Hence, it's now possible to add fun into math through interactive maths games that will teach as much as they entertain. Fun maths games will ease the burden on teachers when used as a way of teaching maths games ks1 and maths games ks2. Through enhanced learning, the questions submitted by teachers shall ensure that the national curriculum content is delivered. Braingo is available in an array of packages. Depending on a teacher's schedule, a game can be chosen by subject, topic or year group.If a game fits into a teacher's schedule, it can be selected taking into account various aspects such as the difficulty levels to whether to reveal the answers as the game progresses.

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Students all over the country often see maths as difficult mainly because it seems to be more complicated than any other subject. In fact, maths is rarely if even viewed as fun or exciting. As a result, Braingo maths game has been developed to change all that. There is a need for fun maths games that will encourage a student to view mathematics as a fun and amazing subject as opposed to the difficult image that most students have developed. The maths games are necessary if only to ensure that the students interest in maths is rekindled.

How Braingo Is Changing Maths in Uk Primary Schools


Interactive Maths Games and Fun Maths Games Having interactive and engaging maths games in the classroom is fundamental if children are going to engage with the subject. Children are often turned off by numeracy if they do not understand something or unfortunate negative reinforced stereotypes are uttered at home.

Class engagement through interactive game Braingo


With classroom teaching time so precious, the importance of engaging children at the start of the numeracy hour can make the difference between a good lesson and an excellent one.

Teachers Love Technology


Teacher use technology everyday to help provide excellent learning for their students. Let's take a look at a few stats in relation to teachers and thetechnology they use.

Traditional Games Benefit Education


It's not all about tech?, or is it? Here are a few statements about why traditional games help children learn.

Reasons to go digital


In today's world everyone's going digital! There are some great reasons why people are doing this. Let's take a look at a few in this infographic.

Educational Learning Styles


What learning style are you? This infographic looks at the 4 types of learning styles used in educational environments.

The Internet and how we learn


The internet has changed the world. Its changed how we communicate, how we live and how we learn. Here are some facts about how the internet had changed the way students learn.

How much technology do children use?


Let's face facts. Children love using technology to not only play but also to learn. Here are some interesting facts about how much kids of today are using tech.

Why use technology in classrooms?


We can learn using lots of different methods and techniques. Here's a few reasons why technology should be in a classroom helping students learn.

The history of technology


We might think technology has been around for donkey's years but it has developed since time began. This infographic gives us a brief history of the technology we use everyday!

Why game-based learning is GREAT!


GAMING IS GREAT!!!! Let's see why and how it can stimulate learning.

Five ways gaming is good for you


Gaming can be good for how students learn. Here's an infographic on how this is acheived.

Benefits of playing BINGO!


BINGO! is a geat way to make students learn and interact with class activities. Here's an infographic that shows you the benefits of BINGO!

Interactive education games improve pupil learning


A host of educational research confirms that the most meaningful learning usually takes place when the new information is presented in innovative ways. Indeed when most people remark, sometimes ruefully, a certain event: 'Really taught me a lesson I won't forget', one of the things they are acknowledging is that, because of the important circumstances of the event, they know it will stick in their memory. This is the strategy adopted by Braingo, a learning approach which introduces a range of current national curriculum learning content in an entertaining educational format.

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