Challenge Your Maths Class With a Game of Braingo

Are you learning maths? Do you want to play engaging maths games online? Braingo offers an interesting, challenging maths game suitable for both ks2 and ks3 students, allowing you to learn in a more interesting way.

Braingo's website,, aims to provide learners with a unique way to challenge themselves. The game can be used during a lesson to keep students engaged in their learning and to increase their productivity, as too much written work can often lead to students becoming distracted. The game is also excellent for leading students into the lesson, getting their brains active but also allowing them to have fun.

The maths game itself is a spin on traditional bingo, where each of the numbers is the answer to a question rather than being told the number outright. This means players have to solve a problem or equation, and see if the answer is on their bingo card. It is possible to choose a specific area of maths to focus on, such as fractions, decimals and percentages, making it an effective method of both learning and revising.

Furthermore, each area of maths can be tailored to a specific age group across ks1 and ks2, meaning that this online maths game can be used often and effectively. The game is fun to play and very easy to use.

What makes Braingo different to other online maths games is the way it involves all of the students and helps them to focus on the appropriate topics they need to be studying, and it can also be used to create your own questions which can then be shared with other users, making it one of the more diverse maths games.

So if you're interested in effective and engaging online maths games, visit to learn more.

Introduce something completely different and fun to your lessons by adding a game of Braingo to your timetable

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