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Braingo - What is it?

Braingo is a wonderfully innovative website that allows classroom practitioners to adopt the traditional game of bingo and turn it into a powerful learning tool to use in any lesson.

It is a resource that was developed by teachers to be used by teachers. Fundamentally, the website allows teachers to develop, create and specifically design quizzes/games and other resources to aid the learning of pupils in a variety of curriculum areas.

The learning tool has a wide range of National Curriculum content, so teachers can select from a wide range of pre-made resources and then tailor it to the needs of the children in their classroom.

Maths Games in KS1 and KS2

In KS1 and KS2 children want learning that is engaging, powerful and informative; learning that holds their interest and inspires them to find out more about a particular topic.

Braingo can be used at the start of the lesson as an formative assessment tool, whereby the teacher collects the children's knowledge on a new topic. The teaching practitioner can quickly make a decision on who has an extensive knowledge and those who need a little more work.

Examples in the Classroom

Take the example of equivalent fractions, decimals and percentage in an upper KS2 classroom - a quiz at the start the lesson will help the teacher establish who needs extending, who has a solid knowledge and those children who need intervention.

After the teacher has explained the differentiated activities available, the children could adequately pick a task that challenged them. Mid-way through or at the end of the lesson, the teacher could go through another specifically designed shorter quiz/game, this would help the children assess their own learning and give the teacher a wider picture on how the children were understanding a concept.

Maths games, as an assessment tool, can be a powerful vehicle for learning; it can help focus and empower children to take control of their learning.

Other online maths games may not offer such a tailored approach; other online maths games do not offer the opportunity for student and teacher manipulation within a lesson. 

Introduce something completely different and fun to your lessons by adding a game of Braingo to your timetable

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