The Future of Maths Games at KS1 and KS2

These days, discussing the education of children increasingly means addressing the technological advancements that are transforming schools and revolutionising homework. Classrooms have digital whiteboards, tablet computers and access to internet-based activities from online maths games to live video-conferencing with astronauts. It is generally accepted that the introduction of these resources has facilitated effective teaching to pupils with a broader range of learning styles than ever before.

The stages at which maths games have the most beneficial effect on development appear to be ks1 and ks2. Children who fall behind in numeracy often face the greatest challenges in ks3 and are among the most likely to receive extra tuition. Many become nervous about number work and some find settling to concentrate as challenging as the exercise at hand. This is why maths games are a valuable tool in the private tutor's repertoire. Matching games, logic puzzles and maths games that disguise themselves as a hunt for pirate treasure or an alien invasion are ideal for giving children tools they need to progress in a form they can accept.

Pupils in ks2 or ks3 can supplement the numeracy skills they are developing by playing online maths games, but many valuable resources also exist on the internet for professionals supporting these learners. For example,, a website run by Bright Dog ltd. in the north of England. Their elegant tools enable teachers and tutors to create bingo-like answer sheets and attractive quizzes that challenge pupils to identify the correct responses. A simple tool, but endlessly reusable and capable of holding the attention of learners from Foundation Stage to adulthood. Technologies like this can mean the difference between a slow and arduous start to learning, and a well-prepared warm-up activity that draws everyone into the lesson. What a great time to be an educator!

Introduce something completely different and fun to your lessons by adding a game of Braingo to your timetable

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