Using Modern Technology to Teach Maths

Math is hard right? Not at all, you can train your kids to love the subject by introducing them to math games. They are quite interactive and explain some of the toughest concepts students have a hard time understanding in class. Is your kid flopping at arithmetic? It’s about time you introduce them to online math games.

Ks1 Maths Games

Online math games are introduced to kids as early as the Ks2 level. These online maths games teach the child how to interact with numbers, shapes, space as well as measurements. Under numbers, they understand how to carry out simple tasks involving addition and subtraction, decimals, basic fractions, factors and multiples, negative numbers, multiplication and division and Money. Shapes games help them understand arithmetic problems involving angles, symmetry and time. As they grow older, they will be introduced to data handling games involving mode/range/mean/median, frequency diagrams and probability.

Ks2 Online Maths Games

As they get acquainted to the basic level games, their cognitive gets developed and transitioned to the much harder ks2 stage. Even at this level, the online math games are simplified and made completely easy to work out. Key Stage 2 braingo offers games to help handle math problems on advanced algebra, shapes/spaces/measures and advanced numbers.

Under numbers, your child becomes conversant with place value, ratio and proportion, rounding off and estimation, percentages, standard index form, and financial management. Under shape, space and numbers, there are plenty of games on symmetry, transformations, coordinates, trigonometry, Pythagoras theorem, locus and angles. Finally, advanced algebra games teach them how to handle inequality, patterns and sequences, graphs and using mathematical formulae.

Bottom Line

Kids have different ways of learning thus online maths games offer another chance to understand basic and advanced math problems. These maths games are designed to be highy interactive, explain difficult concepts in the simplest of ways, and generally make maths fun for your child. Follow to access multiple maths games online for your child. 

Introduce something completely different and fun to your lessons by adding a game of Braingo to your timetable

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