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Braingo - The Way Forward for Effective and Interative Maths Teaching

Braingo is a wonderful online tool for educational professionals to deliver engaging and inspiring maths lessons, by developing and manipulating the classic game of bingo. This website allows the user to create mental/oral starters that tests children's knowledge and can be revisited at any time during a lesson. The content of the actual game can be anything from angles to trigonometry; essentially, it can be tailored to the needs of a teacher's class.

KS1 and KS2 practitioners are sometimes at a loss with how to empower and engage their students, looking for ways to make maths interesting and essentially fun. This website encourages the children to 'have a go' and really get involved, as paired and team work are championed and mistakes are embraced. Because you can revisit the same game during a lesson, students can re-challenge and reassess their learning, improving and honing their maths skills in the process.

KS1 and KS2 Maths Games and Online Maths Games

Online maths games are often not exactly what the teaching practitioner wanted and only cover part of learning objective they wanted to focus on. Braingo opens up a whole new sphere for teachers because of the creativity it embraces. It allows the facilitator to tailor a maths game towards the needs and abilities within their classroom.

Lower ability pupils can consolidate basic skills knowledge, whilst high-flyers are allowed to flourish through more challenging tasks. By having the ability to be the creator, the teacher is control of exactly how the visual learning will moves the mathematics learning on.

Technology is a powerful learning tool if it used in the correct way; thus, making pupils have fun while they learn is integral if their learning is to be moved on. Pupils react to maths games which are involving and challenging, empowering them to 'dig deeper'. 

Introduce something completely different and fun to your lessons by adding a game of Braingo to your timetable

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