Modern Day Maths in The Classroom

Getting students interested and keeping them engaged with Maths has never been the easiest of tasks. Regardless of whether you are trying to teach KS1 or KS2, it can always be a struggle to get students fully involved and maintain their concentration throughout a lesson. Thankfully, there may now be a solution to this problem due to the ingenious idea of Braingo and their online maths games.

The idea of obtaining the students attention from the start of the lesson would be a welcome thought for any Teacher, though through the invention of using maths games to add a more fun element to the subject, this is now far easier to achieve. You can simply go to to get all the details on the concept of an interactive game of bingo, which can be adapted to the curriculum being taught, if desired. Braingo has a variety of bingo-style maths games on their website which have been written by other Teachers, though there is the opportunity to customise the questions to specifically suit the lesson.

As the Braingo maths games show, they are fully immersive due to the audio-visual aspect and help to provide a modern day tool for teaching maths in the classroom which will encourage a great deal more participation from students. The difficulty levels can be adjusted, along with the age group for whom the maths game is aimed at, allowing students from KS1 or KS2, for example, a completely interactive learning experience. It is also possible to provide the answers after a question has been asked, so that students have prompt feedback with the option to discuss further throughout the lesson. With the element of play, maths lessons can become more fun for students and easier to maintain enthusiasm just by going to

Introduce something completely different and fun to your lessons by adding a game of Braingo to your timetable

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