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Braingo is an audio visual maths training application that ensures ks1 and ks2 students remain attentive in class. It is an efficient online maths games training resource that is enjoyable and easy to implement. Interested persons can apply for the service by visiting Registration is seamless and can be done in a few minutes. Teachers and students can enjoy a free trial for thirty days. The trial gives users access to the full online maths games platform. It also permits them to create and play maths games as part of their classroom lessons.

An Exciting Addition to Maths Timetable

Maths is a core subject in ks1 and ks2 teaching curriculum. In most cases, maths lessons are taught to students on daily basis. By using this maths learning application, students can play maths games half way during their lessons. This helps the students to keep focused on the subject and to develop their problem solving skills. Teachers can also repeat the game with their students at a future date. This enables them to refresh, teach and monitor the progress of the students in the maths subject. Braingo provides an excellent addition to the classroom maths timetable. It is a unique and fun way for ks1 and ks3 students to learn and play.

How to Use Braingo

To create a unique game using the software, first select a maths topic. Then define the game parameters and select a few questions from the thousands of questions already featured on the system’s database. The game platform automatically generates videos and adjustable data cards to be used in the game. The teacher can print out the cards and give them out to the students. Then users can press the play button and an interactive voice asking different maths question onsets.  

Introduce something completely different and fun to your lessons by adding a game of Braingo to your timetable

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