Braingo in the Classroom

Braingo is a set of educational maths games that can be used in the classroom which are based on the new National Curriculum in England. Fun maths games are an excellent way for children to learn in a non threatening environment. The maths games in KS1 can be used to develop arithmetic and work on their initial tables learning. Braingo maths games in KS1 will help the children when they are first learning their tables. Based on bingo the younger children will absolutely love the challenge of being the first to complete the task. Braingo will help them with their simple adding and subtraction, moving into their initial times tables. What better way for the younger children to learn.

Fun maths games have been proven to engage children who have struggled with maths in the past. Maths games for the children of KS2 are for the older children and develop key skills that are based on the National Curriculum in England, leading up to their SATs tests in Year 6. Maths games KS2 develop children who are disengaged by giving them a competitive environment to enjoy maths. Looking at the key skills maths games KS2 covers the necessary elements required for their development. The Braingo games look at the times tables, which children are lacking in; this game will encourage the children to learn their tables and enjoy themselves whilst doing so.

Not only do the educational maths games cover times tables, but they also cover arithmetic and other key areas. Children that have struggled at maths in the past will be able to use these games on the interactive whiteboard, soma swell as improving the maths skills the children will be improving their ICT skills.

Braingo is available for all schools in England and children will develop with these fun and exciting games. 

Introduce something completely different and fun to your lessons by adding a game of Braingo to your timetable

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