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Students all over the country often see maths as difficult mainly because it seems to be more complicated than any other subject. In fact, maths is rarely if even viewed as fun or exciting. As a result, Braingo maths game has been developed to change all that. There is a need for fun maths games that will encourage a student to view mathematics as a fun and amazing subject as opposed to the difficult image that most students have developed. The maths games are necessary if only to ensure that the students interest in maths is rekindled.

Braingo maths game is developed to offer a fun way for teachers, schools and institutions to deliver the national curriculum through an advanced learning experience for the students. The game is primarily based on the traditional Bingo game to allow the teachers and their students to have an engaging classroom learning where students learn through play. Braingo includes maths games ks1 activities and also the maths games ks2 activities for the students. The game will work by allowing the teachers and other tutors to choose from thousands of various and different curriculum based question and answers. The questions and responses will then enable the teacher to create content and subject-specific maths games in a matter of mere minutes. The teachers are provided with a comprehensive dashboard for administration enabling them to manage and even create or build their own games in tandem with the needs of their students. The game uses high-quality audio and visual content to make the game dynamic and engaging for the students.

The game was developed by teachers and developers who came together to research novel and interactive ways students can be taught within their classroom environment. By creating fun maths games, Braingo takes an innovative approach to learning where students will associate maths with fun, therefore, understand it much faster, and then retain the information for a longer period.
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