How Braingo Is Changing Maths in Uk Primary Schools

Interactive Maths Games and Fun Maths Games

Having interactive and engaging maths games in the classroom is fundamental if children are going to engage with the subject. Children are often turned off by numeracy if they do not understand something or unfortunate negative reinforced stereotypes are uttered at home. offers the teacher the opportunity to tailor make games, so that learning is specifically geared towards the needs of the children they have in their classroom. Braingo is based on the traditional game of bingo, giving teachers and tutors the opportunities to create engaging and interactive games and giving children to chance to play as the learn.

All games that are created are linked to new curriculum for core and foundation subjects, so teachers and tutors can target particular groups of children and build in an appropriate degree of challenge. There is thousands of curriculum questions on the website to choose from, so learning facilitators can choose particular questions and create games that interest their pupils.

Games can be categorized under different subject headings, so that when you are searching for a particular mathematical topic, it is easy to find and easy to use. Teaching is often about knowing how to use a resource, in order to maximize learning and the understanding of the children in front of you; does this aptly.

Maths Games KS1 and Maths Games KS2

Games created can focus on a particular area in a particular subject area; take counting from 1-100 in KS1. A game could be centred around this objective and may be encompassing some type of visual stimulus to help the children learn the numbers, how to order them and the vale of each individual number.

A good example in KS2 would be learning how to use conjunctions in compound and complex sentences. The teacher could create an interactive context (possibly centred around a topic being taught) for placing conjunctions into these sentence types.

Braingo empowers the teachers and tutors to assist the children in learning in a fun and interactive way. 

Introduce something completely different and fun to your lessons by adding a game of Braingo to your timetable

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