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Braingo is a unique audio-visual learning resource that incorporates Bingo into the learning experience, giving children a chance to learn and play. Based on the ever-popular game of Bingo, Braingo was a result of research by a joint force of teachers and developers. Research on new and interactive ways for students to learn within classroom environments led to this incredible breakthrough. Hence, it's now possible to add fun into math through interactive maths games that will teach as much as they entertain. Fun maths games will ease the burden on teachers when used as a way of teaching maths games ks1 and maths games ks2. Through enhanced learning, the questions submitted by teachers shall ensure that the national curriculum content is delivered. Braingo is available in an array of packages. Depending on a teacher's schedule, a game can be chosen by subject, topic or year group.If a game fits into a teacher's schedule, it can be selected taking into account various aspects such as the difficulty levels to whether to reveal the answers as the game progresses.

Learning is made fun for subjects considered hard such as Maths. Students who find it difficult to learn Maths can now enjoy the learning process using the interactive maths games available. Fun maths games will ensure that students not only learn the subject but also enjoy the subject. Maths games ks1 and maths games ks2 will be a platform for learning maths ks1 and maths ks2. These games will enhance the interactions between the teachers and the students as the teachers can personalize the questions to suit the subject and topic at hand. Braingo opens up a world of possibilities by introducing fun in learning, benefiting both students and teachers. It is from such innovative programs that the solution to improved performance in mathematics lie. Braingo is indeed an innovative solution in an important area.It's only a matter of time before it extends into the sciences.

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