Using Braingo Can Save Teachers Time

Using Braingo can save teachers time in several ways. Educators right around the world have a stressful job. They are required to make lesson plans, mark papers, plan field trips to areas of interest, provide counseling for students and so much more. Many leave work late and go home to continue planning for the next day.

Braingo is a great new tool that let you easily develop maths games or your students. As teachers of adults and children at all levels know, human beings learn very well when new topics are introduced to them or reinforced via gaming. Educational maths games make it easier for children to enjoy fractions, decimals, pie charts and many more topics that they sometimes shy away from.

Cover the Syllabus More Quickly with Interactive Classroom Games

With fun maths games, you are likely to see an increase in the rate at which students grasp new concepts. Just as they would readily immerse themselves in fantasy building games, they will be eager to focus on educational maths games based on new topics that you need to cover. Instead of struggling to make them interested, they push themselves to learn faster so that they can score more points. This allows you to complete your syllabus more quickly.

Make New Games In Minutes

Interactive classroom games can be created in minutes using Braingo. Even if you have never developed bingo, cross number puzzles or any other type of learning game before, Braingo make the process easy. You can create maths games ks2 and maths games ks1 and share them with other teachers.

Students who want extra work are usually excited about spending time on learning games. You can structure each lesson so that students who cover the basic concepts in each topic quickly, can move on to more advanced applications. This only takes a few minutes. Students can review concepts from the week or month before or cement new ideas. You can try Braingo for yourself at 

Introduce something completely different and fun to your lessons by adding a game of Braingo to your timetable

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